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Eulalia Torres Cabrera, founded the institution with the endorsement of the Scolapios Fathers: Father Antonio Alonso, Father Jesus Vásquez and Father Jaime Guerra, managers of the Pious Schools or Schools for the poor and the support of distinguished friends and educational authorities in Quito: Eduardo Toral Vizuete (+), Minister Mario Jaramillo Paredes, Minister Juan Cordero Iñiguez and Dr. Franklin Ramírez (+), adviser at Unesco.

This was created in 1996, in the city of Cuenca, an Occupational Centre to train young people with disabilities with scarce economic resources.

Two years later a school was opened and since 2001 a basic craft cycle has been operating.

The school is attended by students between 7 and 40 years old, with moderate cases of cerebral palsy, physical, intellectual disability, Down's syndrome and hearing impairments, under the responsibility of 26 people among teachers, workshop teachers and specialists for cases requiring increased attention and care.

Specialization workshops are: Bakery, Marquetry and Home Ornaments (Painting, Ceramics and Sewing). In eighth of basic, his inclinations and talents are discovered, which are perfected for four more years.

In the classrooms of FCT (Training and Training for Work) daily practice is maintained and students' skills and competitiveness are improved.

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