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Welcome to the San José de Calasanz School of Basic Education

The San José de Calasanz School with Basic Education for people with unfinished schooling (PCEI) is a center that offers handicrafts workshops and basic education to people with disabilities and people with disabilities.

Education guidelines at the San José de Calasanz School, since its founding in 1996, are based on ideas and aspects of different pedagogical currents that have contributed significantly to education, and which are currently being considered key to the cognitive development of individuals.

We apply methods of the Decrolyana school that accords attention to social life and art as motivators of learning, a school experience that allows to acquire social behaviors (social skills, emotional development) as means to meet needs, it is a real education for action with implementation of various workshops of marquetry, sewing, home decorations, painting, ceramics, media workshop, music, that is, spiritual, intellectual and physical development is promoted with weekly sports activities.

Montessori collects from Pestalozzi, the importance of sensory education and respect for the student's spirit in their learning, in a welcoming and motivating environment, one must believe that he is capable and can develop to measure his skills, “I do not want to be served, because I am not a helpless”, is the thought that Montessori wanted to capture in their educational task; in our school with the slogan of “Work and dignity”, we seek that our students are integrity and responsible, that is to say that they learn to take responsibility for the things they do, not to fear error or mistake, to face their actions and that these characteristics are their greatest strength.

At the San José de Calasanz School, art and free expression are not only an end, but the means, to promote personal growth, creative thinking, achieve a reconstruction of knowledge (re-constructionist current) and student welfare. Lowenfeld says that artistic experiences provide and reinforce creative thinking and liberate the artist's thought, constituting a path to flourish personal, social and cognitive abilities in a responsible and supportive environment.

Arts Education can provide the opportunity to increase the capacity for action, experience, redefinition and stability that are essential in a society full of changes, tensions and uncertainties. Lowenfeld

We approach the reality of the student and the community in order to provide an integral education, based on the principles of the New School and the Calasancia Pedagogy, where personal development is covered with dignity, directed, towards training for job insertion.

We educate for freedom, democracy and equality, respecting the capacities of our speakers.

To educate is to give life, that fundamental principle, is the axis of our work and the mission that we have raised since its foundation. Eulalia Torres