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The Institution was created as Occupational Workshops on July 3, 1996 under Resolution No 061-SD-DINEPP.

In response to the requirements of the community, the creation of the San José de Calasanz Special School was authorized on 11 June 1998 with resolution No. 0042 granted by the Provincial Directorate of Education and Culture of Azuay.

In the search for better alternatives and opportunities for young people with disabilities, artisanal training is managed, which initially involves three bodies: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations and the National Board for the Defence of Craftsmen, with the modality of the basic craft cycle, on 26 June 2002, interinstitutional resolution no. 067-JNDA-MEC-MTRH-2001.

At present, craft training is governed by the National Board for the Defence of Craftsmen and the Ministry of Labour and Labour Relations.