Biography of San José de Calasanz

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

San Jose de Calasanz

Founder of the Escolapios, he dedicated his life to enabling children without resources to access education.

José de Calasanz was born in 1556 in the oscense town of Peralta de la Sal. He was distinguished by being a good student, friendly and always given to help who needed it. At the age of 14 he began to feel the priestly vocation, ordained himself a priest at the age of 25.

As a priest, he was transferred to Rome in 1592, where he will contact the social reality of the most needy. After a natural disaster in Rome, part of the population was left without resources to survive, especially children, who were unable to access school.

Given the situation, José de Calasanz gathered a group of vocational teachers and prepared an old sacristy to welcome these children without access to education. From then on he devoted his life to teaching, founding the Pious Schools. He has been one of the precursors of modern pedagogy.

The drawings and the story of the following video is a work done by our students.